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Do you feel there's more to life

but find yourself stuck in a mediocre rut?

The time is ripe for

Changing the Word Change in to Chance

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about me

Hi, there.

I'm Manish.

I'm a Certified Life Coach through American Union of NLP and the IY Coaching System. I'm a published writer and former soldier too.

I have more than a decade's experience in reshaping and elevating lives.

I empower my clients to overcome their self-limiting beliefs and unlock their best potential.

I thus help them to align with their roots and achieve the success and fulfilment which they so truly deserve.

My efforts in this direction earned me the title of a Covid Samaritan during the challenging times of the pandemic when I kept the hope alive in many a hearts.

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Personal Coaching

Say YES to Life is a 2-hour online transformative program that empowers you to find your true potential and align you with your life's purpose.


10 Weeks to a New Life


Inner DNA

Power Leaps

Unleash You

Success Blueprint

Your roots

Your conditioning

Your destination

Your potential

Your rise

We All Need Help to Realize What We Need Most

Responsive Coaching

We offer personalized coaching sessions tailored to each client's unique needs and goals in diverse areas such as

Relationships. Career Development. Wellness. Personal Growth

know what you need

Systematic Approach

With our client-centered approach

We focus on empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

As we collaborate

We bring you in touch with your inner strength and rewire your brain for success and fulfilment.

taste inner change

Happy Clients



I am changing!

I remember my Good state everyday before I step out into the world and become the person I love.



Experiencing Freedom!

I have tuned into my best version to do what I want, make bold choices and move towards my outcomes steadily.



I am Blissful!

I have developed a Centre of peace from which I operate all day long and retain my cool even in stressful situations.

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Manish Kumar

National Capital Region

India 250001

Tel: +91-9167227983

Email: hello@beyourownlamp.com

Social: twitter.com@upbeatmanish